KS Technological Solutions

Research and Development

AI-Based Projects

FeMo (Feedback and Monitoring System)

FeMo is a SaaS-based dynamic feedback analysis and monitoring solution integrated into the cloud. FeMo helps the organization to have seamless surveys, analysis for the better implementation of the decision for better results. Based on the data analyzed by the engine and using AI we can have a more logical study of behavior.
Femo classifies the organisation dynamically according to user into various levels and batches and helps the organisation to form better strategies and perform logical and behavioral analysis.
Key Persons:- Manthan Koolwal and Aakanksha Sharma

Embedded Projects

DIVYA-AANG (a helping hand)

The product is Embedded RnD Project made using Arduino and Bluetooth Technology to mainly aid physically handicap people to communicate with normal people easily without any hesitation. This product helps them by providing assistance in speaking and writing their thoughts. The product helps them to have a self dependent life.
Product Versions:-
User Compatible:- Visually Impaired Person
A visually impaired person basically writes and read in Braille Script which is not easy for others to understand, so the product is basically manufactured for converting voice signals into normal words. It is a portable device with smart phone connectivity using Bluetooth/WiFi.
Benefits:- Helps blind person to write exams, legal documents etc by their own like normal people and also help them to study as normal child.

Key Persons:- Manav Sharma and Harshil Jain
Recognitions:- Shortlisted among Top 29 Startup Ideas at India International Science Festival - 2017, Chennai, India